About us

The Palestinians in Australia comprise a thriving community that exists within the larger growing Arabic speaking community. The estimated population ranges from 40,000 – 50,000 scattered across various states and cities. Although Palestinian-Australians have made various parts of Australia their new home, they are predominantly concentrated in state capital cities of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide.

Palestinians migrated to Australia over various stages, but the first estimated recording of Palestinian emigration to Australia was in the 1940’s. Palestinians migrated to Australia for various reasons including displacement, uprooting and persecution that was primarily as a result of the 1948 catastrophe (Al Nakba) and consequent events in which many Palestinians were left in search of a new home. Most of the Palestinians that migrated to Australia had previously experienced diasporic experiences in neighboring Arab countries such as but not limited to Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Kuwait and Egypt, and were subsequently in search of a new home.

Palestinians in Australia are proud Australians and are also proud of their distinct cultural and historical heritage and have worked diligently to maintain their sense of identity while embracing the values and customs of their new home: Australia.