2. Bike ride by Sydney Palestinian Cycling starting at 7.30am Saturday’s every 2nd week Meet in front of Mcdonald’s Sydney Olympic park. We will have 2 groups Family speed (slow n steady) and Medium speed (need a road bike). More info, text us back at 0424PALESTine or George on 0411444716

3. One day Soccer tournament on 22/10, We need players for the junior team under 16  to represent Palestine. LINK: https://www.facebook.com/www.alfaaustralia.com.au/posts/1409774699078162/. To enrol please text either Dr  George on 0411444716 or Ceasar in 0425362626.

4. Run for Palestine, 19 Nov, 8 km run or 4 km walk at Flinders slopes in Lansdowne reserve, for registration, check out https://www.facebook.com/events/1583529241666509/

5. Palestinian youth group meeting once a month
Next meeting thu 5/10

6. Palestinian film festival date needs to be confirmed as starting 26/10/17

7. Palestinian national day needs to have the date confirmed on the website as 21/10/17 at Parliament House Sydney
Macquarie street